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ARDC Membership Celebrates Their 75th Anniversary

Membership is Committed to the Future of Midget Racing

A meeting was held on Sunday, August 10 with representation requested from all ARDC teams. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss what direction the membership wanted ARDC to take as plans are made for the future.
Nineteen teams were represented at this meeting.
The car owners are committed to the future of ARDC. As we celebrate our 75th Anniversary this year, it is the intention of the membership that ARDC continue to promote midget racing in the Northeast. The membership is prepared to restructure ARDC in such a way that we can succeed now and in the future. The membership is committed to preserving ARDC’s rich history as well as insuring its future.
Contrary to information reported recently, car counts for ARDC midget shows have actually increased during the 2014 season. The average car count for the 2014 ARDC schedule has be 21.2 cars per event – an increase of nearly two cars per show over last year’s count.

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