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Janisch, Fastest Driver To Ever Turn 8.5 At Borgers, Results

The ABC’s are frequently recited at Borgers. This weeks tour stop by the ATQMRA would be no different. The once bountiful ATQMRA is now struggling because of the loss of drivers to other classes and financial woes. The club is now left with a few committed owners, a speedway who calls the ATQMRA their “flagship” class and a handful of drivers who strap into their indoor cars on a weekly basis all working together to resurrect the club.

If Hollywood was to help the ATQMRA we are sure it would start off by having them run at Borgers weekly. It seems no matter when they visit the small 1/7 mile asphalt a battle ensues. This Saturday was no different. Around 1pm many of the winged warriors took to the track in the paid early practice sessions and assaulted the Borgers asphalt. It was apparent that Matt Janisch would be the man to beat. As the early practice ended only a handful of cars remained that could challenge Janisch. One in particular, “Geo” Sutton who has been a rising star in the Metz Ride4rent.com stable has been strong at Borgers. The Metz Ride4rent team is home when they race at Borgers thus giving Sutton a home field advantage. Sutton has been knocking on the door since the start of the season. Using the ATQMRA handicap system, Sutton and Janisch would start near the rear and be forced to work their way through the pack.

At the drop of the green it was Frank Fischer, Ryan Tidman, and Matt Roselli to turn one with Tidman taking the lead coming out of turn two. Last years ATQMRA Champion Flying Ryan Tidman has struggled this year in the Boyd Racing prepared machine, but Tidman who has won at Borgers before hoped today would be the day the finally get their program back on track. They were poised to do it. A few yellow flags and a determined Matt Janisch stood in the way of the return to victory lane for Boyd Racing. As the laps wound down, Roselli would fade but the trio of Sutton Sload and Janisch would rise. Geoffrey Sutton moved his Metz racing TQ into second spot but the caution came out again. Using all the track and whatever bumpers they had the duo of Janisch / Sutton worked their way to the top. Matt Janisch took over third spot and then got past Sutton for second setting up a two car battle for the lead with Tidman. Tidman and Janisch raced side by side until Janisch took over the lead with two to go. The fireworks didnt stop there. Words would be exchanged on the track, in the pits and in victory lane. The ATQMRA club racers would have a second opportunity to settle the score later in the day but unfortunately the club cars opted not to run the Borgers Asphalt 600/TQ feature ( similar to indoor rule package ) race later that same day. The ATQMRA has handed down race day penalties for the incidents and race day results shall follow. The Borgers results should be considered unofficial . The speedway had Janisch topping Tidman, Sutton.

As they do on a weekly basis, Borgers runs its own Asphalt 600 / TQ class with a rule package similar to Atlantic City. After a disappointing finish in the club race, the Metz Ride4rent team removed their wings and entered their second feature of the night. There they set their sites on the #17 Bangor Steel / Hyper Asphalt hugger driven by Pat Van Varick. It didn’t take long for Pat VanVarick to make it back to victory lane in Hoosier Racing Tires TQ / Asphalt 600 Sprints.

Rob Vivona has been working to overcome some health issues and continues to reappear when he can. Rob won his heat and started P1 for the feature. At the drop of the green he led the way. Behind Rob it was Van Varick racing driver Kurt Bettler and with the Bangor Steel driver Pat Van Varick in toe.As lapped two clicked by the red came out for Jeff Kott. Kott took a violent flip down the backstretch sliding to a stop up at the wall of turn three. As the EMT checked him out asking Jeff how many fingers she was holding up he replied “Lady- I don’t care how many fingers you are holding up. If this car has all four wheels on it I am racing” and he did just that. He fired up the TQ and rejoined the field.

On the restart VanVarick got past Bettler for second but the developing story was Larry Hoagland who charged into fourth. The Fred Bittner owned 54 driven by Larry Hoagland has been getting faster each race and tonight the Bittner team had it all together. Hoagland joined the top four racing for the lead with all four drivers turning lap times within a few hundredths of a second. Hoagland has been working tirelessly to get the his ride to perform. It seems they did something right this week and have finally turned the corner!

Vivona had top lap time followed by VanVarick, Hoagland, and Bettler. Vivona was stricken was a loose car early and it would eventually cost him the lead. At the halfway mark VanVarick took over. Once in the lead VanVarick coasted to the checkered flag over Vivona, Bettler, Hoagland, and Ed Wilburger Sr.

AllStar Slingshots once again lived up to their reputation as the “Excitement Class” At Borgers Speedway. As the field continues to grow, 14 Allstar Slingshots took to the track in preparation for the big payday on June 14th, 2014. Taylor Eccles led the pack to turn one followed by Dylan Hoch and rookie James Moyer but it was Hoch in the lead coming out of turn two. “The Columbian Connection”, Mark Sensenig and Kurt Bettler moved into third and fourth the next lap with Sensenig gave Hoch a little help on entry and forced his way around Hoch for second a lap later. A two car battle for the lead developed with Eccles and Sensenig battling. Eccles slowed allowing Sensenig to walk past him and add another victory to his resume. The Sensenig and Eccles rivalry is getting exciting. At the line it was Hoch for third, Bettler, and Mike Lapicki.

The 2014 Allstar Slingshot Points Championship is really something we never had before! We have guys battling from 1st to 8th place. This is great! We will revise the season championship points fund and prizes and increase the $$$ and depth of the payout if this continues. All drivers that meet the attendance criteria to earn awards, they will get them! Eccles has a commanding 117 pts lead over Conroy. Ryan Lacoe ( 916 ), Sensenig (860) and now rookie James Moyer (899) are all neck and neck in the points. The Hammerdown Dyno boys, once a Borgers Powerhouse, have been dissmial this year but I wouldn’t count them out either.

Hoosier Racing Tires Asphalt 600 Sprints… Pat Van Varick, Rob vivona, Kurt Bettler, Larry Hoagland, Jeff Kot., DNF…JR Williams, Geoffrey Sutton, DNS -Marc Rogers, Ed Willburg

AllStar Slingshots… Mark Sensenig, Taylor Eccles, Dylan Hoch, Kurt Bettler, Mike Lapicki, James Moyer, Jim Conroy, Tom Hennessy, Anthony Raisner, Henry Anderson, Doc Lapicki, DNF… Alan Hauptman, Johnny Bush, Ryan Lacoe.