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Harron Walks To Redemption Friday

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. We have all heard the old saying but, sometimes oure lucky enough to be both! When the RTS Chassis sponsored 270 Sprints had a ten car pile up to start the main event we knew it was going to be a very different race than a week ago when the event went green to checkered. Point leader Nick Skias blew up going for fifth and the first of two big wreck occurred. Mike Binkley was the race leader with Mike Rutherford and Kevin Berger making numerous challenges for the lead sometimes going three wide. When Berger caught an infield tire and spun bringing out the red on lap four a fuel stopped was called for. That was the last time the 270 Sprint feature would slow. Binkley led on the restart until lap nine when Rutherford took control. In the mean time Devin Harron began to work his way to the front with tenth place starter Richie Hartman in toe. Harron and Hartman moved into second and third on lap 12. Rutherford began to slow on 18 before pulling to the infield with a blown engine. Harron inherited the lead and drove to his third career Linda’s Speedway win. Harron lead most of the main event last week but did not get to the checkered first. Hartman came across second with Kyle Weiss charging from 16th to finish in third. Brandon Edgar came from 12th and Dave Grube from 23rd to finish in the top five! Binkley, Dave Williams, Pat Bealer, Dylan Adams, and Christi Sweigert made up the top ten finishers. Heat races were won by Nick Skias, Adams, Bishop, and Harron to complete a clean sweep of his night of racing. Pete Skias and Lyle Stroman took the consolation wins. Another great field of 31 270 Sprints filled the pits.
May 30th Race Results
RTS Chassis Sponsored 270 Sprints
Heat 1- Austin Bishop, Brandon Heist, Kevin Berger, Pat Bealer
Heat 2- Dylan Adams, Mike Boyer, Dave Williams, Josh Stoyer
Heat 3- Nick Skias, Mike Rutherford, Mike Binkley, Bob Brubaker
Heat 4- Devin Harron, Richie Hartman, Brandon Edgar, Kyle Weiss
Consi 1- Pete Skias, Scott Gingrich, Dan Degler, Dave Grube
Consi 2- Lyle Strohman, Jacob Dun, Brent Shearer, Christi Sweigart
1- 9d Devin Harron
2- 39 Richie Hartman
3- 5w Kyle Weiss
4- 57 Brandon Edgar
5- 3d Dave Grube
6- 21b Mike Binkley
7- 21d Dave Williams
8- 44 Pat Bealer
9- 29 Dylan Adams
10- 34 Christi Sweigart
11- 12 Brent Shearer
12- 57y Kevin Berger
13- 3sx Lyle Strohman
14- 21 Mike Rutherford
15- 11a Austin Bishop
16- 8 Scott Gingrich
17- 23x Bob Brubaker
18- 99 Brandon Heist
19- 74 Jacob Dunn
20- 88 Nick Skias
21- 52 Mike Boyer
22- 3 Josh Stoyer
23- 8s Pete Skias
24- D3 Dan Degler