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Shelly’s Spring Spectacular

The 4th Spring Spectacular was held at Shellhammer’s Speedway on Sunday with 38 All Star and 13 Junior Slingshots signed in to take on the demanding 1/8th mile high banked speedway located outside Leesport, PA.

The Junior National field was paced by fast timer Damon Paul and the 25 lap main event was also lead wire to wire with both Dillon Steuer and Dylan Swinehart both putting a nose up onto Paul left rear, but didn’t have enough to make the pass. A late race turn 3 move by Swinehart got him ahead of Steuer to claim the runner up money. A check for $750 was awarded to Paul as well as some Fast Time Award cash donated by OMS Racing.

The All Star main saw relative All Star newcomer Dylan Hoch, set fast time, win the cash dash and was in charge of bringing the 23 car field to the green. The 50 lap main had quite a few position swaps midpack with Matt Massone in the Mark Hartman climbing into the top 8 after starting 17th.Hoch was challenged early by Mark Sensenig, but got his most serious challenge by Larry Raifsnider with 4 to go. Both drivers had tangled coming off of turn 2 but a caution for another incident had them restarting back in their original spots, since it was after the yellow. Hoch set sail for the remaining distance to pocket the $1500 ,plus the OMS Racing $100 Fast Time Money as well as the Ronnie Tobias Fast Time plaque. Matt Massone won the Hard Charger of the Race Award with Chris Kurtz taking the OMS Hard Charger of the day coming all the way from the D Main to qualify for the Spring Spectacular. Only 2 cars were DNF’s after the 50 lap distance was completed.

Results All Stars: 1.Dylan Hoch 2.Larry Raifsnider 3.Mark Sensenig 4.Brett Bieber 5.John Bockhorn 6.Matt Massone 7.Joe Howey 8.Demetrios Drellos 9.BJ Antonio 10.Simon Egan 11.Kurt Bettler 12.Cody Kline 13.Danny Buccafusca 14.Jordan Knepp 15.Joe Nemeth 16.Marc Daniels 17.Alex Schoffstall 18.Justin Thompson 19.Henry Anderson 20.Chris Kurtz 21.Louden Reimert 22.Ed Reeder 23.Don Schmidt

Juniors: 1.Damon Paul 2.Dylan Swinehart 3.Dillon Steuer 4.Dakota Kohler 5.Chloe Andreas 6.Bobby Flood 7.Daniel Morgiewicz 8.Andrew Kreis 9.Tyler Peet 10.Aidan Svanda 11.Michael Samony 12.Cody Motto 13.Kyle Smith