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New Honda Four-Stroke Karts

Great news for karting in North America with the launch of a new six-speed 4-stroke Honda motor that will participate in a class of his own in Texas Lonestar Grand Prix 2015!

After the huge success of this year’s race city of Texas LSPG 2014, which took place in the city of Lockhart, Texas, the organizers have already started preparations for the race next year, definitely wanting to improve and upgrade the already very successful institution .

In this context, are already moving to create a new class with six-speed four-stroke engine, 250 cc, which will probably take place autonomously new motor Honda, CRF, already presented.

The Japanese company that makes breaking the surfers on the other side of the Atlantic presented shortly before her new achievement for this class of kart engines.

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Also, the overall effort to upgrade and strengthen the philosophy of Family Based Karting, promotes his fight LSGP, organizers announced that the new year, part of its technical and advisory staff, will be the living legend of American racing, the Willy T. Ribbs. The Ribbs is the first African American pilot who took part in the famous race Indianapolis 500, and has countless successes as a racing driver at national level in America. himself said about this new challenge, that fully supports the racing kart, recognizing the significance of for motorsport in genera and wants to participate in any effort to develop and promote the sport.